Cancellations & Refunds

For OnQR by FreeFugga (SaaS) Website - 

As trial plan is allotted to all the customers registering with us before finalizing a plan suitable for their business, we have no refunds or plan cancellation policy. Should you choose to deactivate the account, the payment paid will be forfeited if payment is paid in advance.


For Restaurants -

All the payments accepted by the restaurants from the customers are subjected to Restaurant Policies of Order Cancellation and Refunds. In most cases, cash will be provided to the customer against the advance online payment of order if the customer chooses to cancel the order due to, but not limited to following conditions :

  • Delay in order/food preparations
  • Quality Issues of food items

In some cases, the restaurant owner can refund the customers from the gateway portal if he/she chooses to do so.

OnQR by FreeFugga is a SaaS website which allows the restaurants to directly receive orders and their advance payments from the customer using online menu accessible by direct links or QR codes. Thus, FreeFugga is not liable nor does have any control over the payment gateway dashboard/API of the restaurants in any case where disputes arises between restaurant and customers. Payment gateway providers are requested to directly contact the restaurant owner/merchant in case of any disputes between customers and merchant.


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